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Imperial Harem

Imperial Harem Fatehpur Sikri Imperial Harem in Fatehpur Sikri was the part of palace in which the royal ladies lived in privacy, where no men allowed inside the complex. It assumes that 5000 ladies were lived in Fatehpur Sikri Imperial Harem, out of which 200 are emperor's wives. Zenana Dyodi of Rajput kings; situation in Mughal harem should be similar. King’s arrival to the harem was a reason for celebration. The usage of drugs and liquor was common among the inmates. Baring the queen and the favorite concubines, other women were quite vulnerable to exploitation. This complex includes Jodha Bai's palace and other palaces like Jodha Bai's Palace, Hawa Mahal & Bridge, Birbal's House, Stables Panch Mahal, Mariyam's House, Zenana Garden, Nagina Masjid, Ladies' Guest House and Harem Sara Guest House. This was the private place for the women of the palace which includes Emperor wives, concubines, slaves, helpers etc. This place was designed keeping in mind the purdah custom for women; still the place is well lighted and well ventilated. A unique bridge connecting the palace to the lower plain is also a masterpiece of architecture. Complex contains a separate garden and a mosque specially meant for women. A wind tower called Panch Mahal is also located in this complex. There are other minor buildings like the guesthouse and female guard quarters in Imperial harem complex. It is a collection of some beautiful monuments which are counted among Fatehpur tourist attractions.

Imperial Harem
As already mentioned that Harem is that part of palace, which is assigned only for ladies. Here men's entry is prohibited and only for women accommodation. In this area of palace, all ladies of palace which includes emperor's wives, mother, care-takers, concubines, cooks, women slave and other women helpers are allowed to stay. They security guards are also either women or transgenders. Imperial Harem of Fatehpur Sikri have approx. 5000 women in which approx. 200 are emperor's wives. Akbar and other mughal emperors have interest to collect beautiful women in their harem. After any victory, they demands beautiful women (losing king's daughter along with assistants) also from losing rulers. In this way Akbar has approx. 200 wives and this counting went increasing with his wins. Although they are called Akbar's wives and enjoy royal life but still many of them not even seen Akbar in their lifetime. These harem are like golden cage for such women. This is not the case with Akbar only but with other Mughal emperors also. Here also senior or emperor's favorite wives dominates the system. Some emperor's favorite wives also play direct or indirect role in Mughal politics and often gets consort of emperor. Noor-jahan, Mumtaz Mahal, Ruqaiya Begum were example of such Mughal emperor's wives who influenced the system in different reigns. Thus it was the most important part of palace which was well secured and gets due attention of emperor. Here we have arranged some of list of some of the popular Imperial Harem monuments & buildings in tabular form. Given below table have weblinks, clicking on which will take you to detailed information.
Birbal House Harem Sara Guest House Hawa Mahal
Jodha Bai Palace Ladies Guest House Maryam's House
Nagina Masjid Minor Harem Sara Panch Mahal
Zenana Garden Hathi Pol --

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